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This is what I know for sure...

My friends, we are the Baby Boomer Generation, the largest and most influential generation of people to exist in the world. We have created great change in all aspects of culture, and our impact on society has been felt for over seventy years. From political influence and economic to dance, music and yes, technology our generation has been the most influential to date. And we control 77% of all American wealth. Yet we are facing a future of marginalization and discrimination if we don't effect change now and call for an end to the ageism in our society. Ageism is the last acceptable form of discrimination in our culture today. 

We have the power in numbers and the wealth to demand that respect and dignity is provided to everyone in our communities. We should no longer tolerate the rampant discrimination toward us, the aging population, and instead we should celebrate longevity as they do in many other cultures. We need to put a stop to the exploitation that is focused on each one o us and instead demand that we are celebrated

We are the #WE TOO MOVEMENT.